As mom and I are sitting here researching, we unfortunately uncovered yet another dog meat eating area…Bali. We know that dog meat is eaten in Indonesia but it also exists on the island of Bali as well. Bali is a small island of roughly 2,200 square miles yet a population of over 4 million. Apparently Balinese people have eaten dog since as far back as we can find. The practice of sacrificing a dog for ceremonial purposes is common. The trade itself is well organized and established. Suppliers have a route and actually deliver around the island on designated days of the week. Supply and demand are in play so buyers receive 5-7 dogs per day or others only 3 per week. There is no active farming of dogs there like is the practice in S. Korea. Dogs are obtained from local communities and are purchased from individuals who deem them to be a problem. Not a great deal of money is made from the trade here like in Vietnam. The profit is made on the end product of sale. Communities actually see this as a benefit to the neighborhoods – ridding them of roaming and stray animals.

As is the standard, it is believed that eating dog meat has a high source of protein (this unfortunately is true – it is higher than chicken or tofu), a perceived medicinal value and the younger male generation believe it will make you potent. The slaughter of these dogs is no different from any other area and is equally as horrific and inhumane. On a positive note, there is however one area of the island that refuses dog meat to be sold as a result of a rabies outbreak in 2008. There is no regard or precautions taken to protect against the diseases they consume by eating this meat. Total consumption is around 70,000 annually and appears to be growing despite the increased attention on the trade. On the surface this appears to truly be a lack of awareness and education situation and with any luck, can be changed and contained fairly expeditiously once it receives the proper attention.