Willow’s Wish was founded on the desire to end the dog and cat meat trade. Through research and cultural awareness and understanding, we see the ability to achieve this long term goal through multiple targets. The mission of Willow’s Wish is to offer viable solutions to globally improve animal welfare through education, sterilization, legislation, conservation and adoption.

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Willow’s Wish is a global foundation focused on improving animal welfare not only locally in the US but internationally in countries throughout Asia as well. We believe that in order to impact change, you must offer educational and practical solutions. We know that we cannot rescue the millions of animals in need but we can help change the landscape for future generations through targeted programs and initiatives focused on achieving sustainable change.

Our goals are to focus on educational efforts, sustainable long-term solutions, focused research and database development, targeted sterilization and vaccination programs, and cultural awareness/understanding. While we know we cannot save all of the animals, we do recognize the need for an element of rescue within our organization and are driven by our compassion to work diligently and collaboratively with international partner rescues to help animals subjected to abuse (specifically the dog and cat meat trade), to not only get the proper medical attention but to also help in finding placement into forever loving homes.

Willow’s Wish Stats

Estimated ASIAN Dog & Cat Consumption = 30M Annually

South Korea
Northern Philippines
India (Nagaland)


Heather Heath & Willow

Heather Heath

Founder & Executive Director / (“Willow’s Right Arm”)

Heather Heath is the founder and Executive Director of Willow’s Wish. She has been a successful Administrator for multi-specialty, hospital-based programs in five US States that improved the healthcare landscape for children needing access to quality physician care.

She brings 30-years of experience in executive management and CFO duties including strategic planning, program development, contract negotiations, non-profit oversight and finance/budgeting for multi-million-dollar corporations.

She has been directly involved in animal rescue work for 25 years supporting programs targeting spay/neuter solutions for long-term population control initiatives. She is a graduate of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas with a double Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations/Political Science and Communications/Advertising with an emphasis in French Language Studies.

Mimmo Di Giacomo

Mimmo Di Giacomo

Director of Strategic Engagement / (“Princess of Funding”)

Mimmo Di Giacomo is an Italian-born and naturalized Canadian. He comes with 20 years of experience in diverse geographical markets (from North America to Asia Pacific) and serving different sectors; from international development to conservation and animal welfare. Mimmo brings extensive expertise and innovative methods through a broad range of funding strategies, from traditional philanthropic giving to more “commercially viable” approaches.

His achievements include the negotiation and establishment of a multi-year, multi-million dollar funding commitment to marine conservation work in the North-East Pacific Region (from the Gulf of Mexico to Alaska) while at World Wildlife Fund (WWF). And more recently, Mimmo created and launched a global, sub-branded platform (END AIDS) for awareness, engagement and fundraising to significantly enhance the impact of the International HIV/Aids Alliance partners to combat and end transmission of the disease in Asia.

Dr. Katherine Polak

Dr. Katherine Polak

Director of Shelter & Veterinary Services / (“Chief Snipper Sniper”)

Dr. Katherine Polak currently serves as the Head of Stray Animal Care in Southeast Asia with Four Paws International in Bangkok, Thailand. She is an experienced International Director with a demonstrated history of working in the non-profit animal welfare industry.

Skilled in High-Volume, High-Quality Spay/Neuter, Shelter Medicine, Animal Welfare, Public Speaking, and Public Health. Dr. Polak is a graduate of Iowa State University, College of Veterinary Medicine in the US. Following graduation she completed a Shelter Medicine and Surgery Internship at Colorado State University and a residency in Shelter Medicine at the University of Florida, Maddie’s Shelter Medicine Program.

She is a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Preventative Medicine and has earned a Master’s Degree in Forensic Science and Public Health. Her interests include stray animal management, high-volume, high-quality spay/neuter program expansion, and feline infectious diseases.

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