Dear Delilah,

Recently, your Grandma Nami assisted in shutting down a farm in Korea. Sadly, the more she is testing, the more that are coming back heartworm positive. Why are people consuming dog meat if it’s infected with a disease like heartworm? That makes no sense to me!

Your friend,
Disgusted and Confused

Well, Disgusted and Confused, I’m with you! That’s a very good question and one we’d like to see addressed properly by not only the World Health Organization but by the Dog Meat Association in Korea as well. I feel that if people won’t fight for the lives of the animals then fight for the health of the human at least! What’s important to understand is that heartworm is VERY common in Korea. I’d estimate 60% of farmed dogs test positive. Heartworm is transmitted to dogs via a mosquito bite. Dogs on farms are exposed to the elements 24/7 and Korea’s weather is very conducive to mosquitos. It’s common to treat but definitely more difficult and deadly the more advanced it gets. It’s very important for new dogs coming to the US from Korea be retested after 6 months – especially puppies. It’s not seen a lot here and vets will not be looking for this disease. In fact, I’m due to go in for a retest this month. I hope that helps answer your question a little better. Keep the letters coming!