Willow’s words of wisdom:
Today marks the first day of Boknal (the time difference means this has begun in South Korea). There’s no positive spin to put on this as much as we try. What it comes down to are these facts.

(1) Boknal occurs annually in Korea on the 3 hottest days of the lunar calendar that fall within 30 days of July and August. The exact dates will change every year but they will always fall in these months. This year, they are July 12th (“Chobok”), July 22nd (“Jungbok”) and August 11th (“Malbok”).

(2) An estimated 1.5 million dogs will be tortured and consumed during this 30-day period of time.

(3) Large breed dogs are most desirable because they offer the most meat (i.e. Jindo mix, Tosa, Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever, etc.) but all dogs are consumable in Korea with 8-12 months of age being the ideal.

(4) These are not stolen dogs. The majority of dogs consumed during Boknal are dogs raised on farms with the intent to consume.

(5) Dog meat is believed to offer internal cooling remedies hence why Bosintang soup (“dog meat soup”) is so popular on these days.

(6) Dog meat is considered a healing remedy by many old school believers so often it is encouraged to eat in order to cure aliments of arthritis, muscle spasms, bone/joint pain, etc.

(7) Dog meat is also known as a “nutritious meal” so the Korean Catholic Church endorses consumption of it at church events such as gatherings after Sunday mass, church bazaars, etc.

It’s unfathomable to us that this continues in this day and age. One of Willow’s missions is to bring Boknal into the spotlight much more so then that of Yulin. The gravity of Boknal is far greater when two-thirds of the annual consumption occur during this 30-day period. How do we do this? We get the media involved in whatever ways possible and solicit support from those who will be heard and we keep doing this until change begins. We continue supporting legislative efforts that work in favor of animal welfare. When supply is hindered, sales will decrease and change will ensue. We must continue to share and educate anyone who will listen. There is strength in paw power friends – and Willow’s Warriors are strong!