Hi! I’m Willow.

I’m a survivor of the South Korean dog meat trade.
I am not food!

I was rescued from a dog farm in Bucheon, South Korea on May 25, 2016 by my Grandma Nami Kim who runs a group called Save Korean Dogs. I’m a miniature poodle. I was someone’s pet dog but I got old and they turned me over to the farmer. I was destined to be used for soup stock or a medicinal tonic. Grandma wanted me safe so she asked my Mom if I could come live here. I arrived on September 28, 2016.

I have been spreading awareness on social media and making public appearances throughout the country to educate people on animal welfare topics – specifically the Asian dog and cat meat trade. I do this through non-traumatic and non-graphic ways and give resources to help more of my furry friends find their forever homes. I also work on impacting change through global legislative efforts. When Mom goes to Asia, she takes me in foam board form so that I am still involved but don’t have to go back!

Willow wearing black
Willow before rescueWillow after rescue

I have two sisters who also came over to live with me. Delilah, my goofy big Labrador Retriever sister, has her own weekly column in the Korean newspaper called “Dear Delilah”. She answers questions about the dog meat trade and gives responses from a dog’s point of view. It is another route to enlighten the younger Korean population.

Last September I won the American Humane’s 2018 Emerging Hero Dog Award. They thought that my ability to reach people on this topic was unique and effective and wanted to help me grow my platform. I really like these new friends who want to help me make a “pawsitive” difference! I have started my own foundation called “Willow’s Wish” and to date, I have sponsored 39 freedom flights for my friends from South Korea, China, Vietnam and even Egypt! I was also named the mascot for a newly created Animal Rights Club at a local private school helping students advocate for change in the classroom – how cool is that?!

In South Korea, dog farming is a financial livelihood – a unionized business. It is old and is starting to lose money since the growth of activism against dog meat consumption. I am helping Mom create educational tools and sustainable solutions so maybe these dog meat farmers can learn how to farm healthier things instead of my friends!

My goal is to remind people that there is hope for change to the inhumane treatment of animals. I am Willow and I am not food! My wish is to bring an end to the dog and cat meat trade and with your help, we can bring light even in the darkest corners of the world!

Heather Heath & Willow
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