So many issues to talk about but my mom and I thought it is important to remind people of something. In the big picture, 66 billion animals are slaughtered every year for human consumption. This number does NOT include the 30 million dogs and cats slaughtered for the dog & cat meat trade. Sadly, the majority of these animals are treated inhumanely for slaughter. When we talk about the dog meat trade, we get angry at the Asian population (mom and me included!) but it is so very important that we remember there are Asian activists, families, youth, elder, etc that are on our side and want this to end. Taiwan’s President, S. Korea’s new President – they are standing up and fighting this. The picture below is of me and our friend Miss Amy. She is from Vietnam and she nor her family have ever considered eating me! However, they live in a country that is communist run and they cannot speak up for us or they risk their lives. But she lives here now and she supports me and my mom 110%. There are many other of our friends that are the same. It’s easy to get mad at a culture but it takes a more compassionate heart and sense of humanity to remember that good does exist. We are all fighting this together so let’s stay unified. Thank you friends!!