Dear Delilah:

There seems to be a big misconception that there is a difference between farmed dogs and pet dogs in South Korea. Can you please explain this?

Dreaming of Change

Hello Dreaming of Change! This is an interesting question that I would love to answer! In my new family, we have three dogs from South Korea. Willow is a Poodle who was someone’s pet dog. Nami is a Maltipoo who was a breeding dog at a puppy mill and myself, I’m a Labrador Retriever from a dog farm. All three of us were rescued from being slaughtered for dog meat. The National dog in South Korea is a Jindo and yet Jindos are one of the most farmed dogs there. How does a National dog become one of the most consumed? None of this makes sense and it all proves that while there are certain breeds that are highly farmed, there is no breed that is safe from becoming consumable meat or medicinal tonic. It is a mistruth if you are told anything different. This is a business with an actual Dog Meat Association who is supposed to monitor and oversee the process for adherence to rules – however they do no such thing. It is about money so any dog whether a pet dog being disregarded because of age or illness, a puppy mill dog that is no longer useful for breeding or a meat dog whose sole purpose in life is to be your next meal – no canine is considered non-edible there. It is a sad reality that must end. Sometimes these aren’t the happiest answers to hear but I am still glad you are asking and becoming educated!