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Willow’s Wish is an organization founded on the belief that people inherently want to help make a difference but often cannot bear witness to the graphics connected to many of the animal welfare issues in our world today or lack the resources to achieve meaningful change for animals.

We focus on providing unbiased, researched and educated facts and statistics on animal welfare topics. We are often able to link many issues together to demonstrate how working towards one goal can trigger a positive domino effect in many other areas.

Compassion Through Education

Our goal is to offer both an online lecture series as well as offering speaking engagements in schools and conferences both locally and abroad to help further education. We will work directly with international representatives to help advocate for initiatives aimed to further protect and expand animal welfare laws.

In November 2018, a lecture was given in Jeonju, South Korea addressing “How the World Perceives the Dog Meat Trade in South Korea”. We were also able to introduce plant-based alternative meat to an owner of restaurant in Jeonju who served dog meat. At the same time we also had discussions and offered letters of support to the Korean National Assembly Member Lee Sang-Don in support of his proposal to remove dogs from the livestock list. July 27, 2019 a lecture addressing “Veganism and a Humane Economy” is scheduled in Hongdae, South Korea and some additional talks are being considered for later in 2019 in South Korea as well.

Speech in Jeonju Nov. 2018

Conservation and Sustainable Solutions

Our plan is to partner with other outstanding community leaders and qualified organizations in making a difference to prevent animal cruelty. We intend to educate the general public on sustainability efforts and how reducing the consumption of animals can benefit not only human health conditions but also the environment for future generations creating lasting change.

In light of our belief that children are the future for change, we will offer a bi-annual grant to student’s age 14-22 years who are designing and executing programs for change in animal welfare or sustainability efforts. Each of these programs aims to support our mission of improving the global status of animal welfare for the future.

Research and Development

We plan to develop an extensive database for gathering statistical information on animal shelters. There would be a required membership to submit data to use for comparing shelters worldwide. This would help bring standardized protocols and procedures and tools for measuring success against other shelter peers.

Through the sharing of information, shelters can begin to learn from one another from a global perspective and provide information and support to each other to further the goals of lower euthanasia rates, decreasing pet overpopulation and improving health standards.

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Sterilization of Cats & Dogs to Humanely Reduce Pet Overpopulation

We are currently working with groups with specific goals towards reducing the stray dog and cat population in areas where animal welfare is not regarded as important {i.e. countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia and Egypt). This is resulting in cruelty and abuse towards animals and massive stray animal populations. Working with groups who will help to educate the community while we help supply veterinarians and funding to spay and neuter these animals, ultimately helps achieve the mutual goal of reducing the harm to the animals.

Working collaboratively with partner groups with shared goals, we will help expand efforts to provide low-cost sterilization and vaccination programs to targeted locations around the world and grow data to support a Rabies-Free environment in areas susceptible to exposure to the virus through consumption of infected animal meat.

Promotion of Adoption and Responsible Pet Ownership

Willow’s Wish provides people the opportunity to adopt a rescued and rehabilitated pet from partner NGO groups. Rescue dogs and cats needing homes will be evaluated by a vet and vaccinated, blood tested and micro-chipped when necessary. In areas such as South Korea where heartworm is very prevalent, we are hoping to partner with an organization to help supply treatment medications so these dogs can still be given an opportunity of life.

In efforts to make these animals more adoptable, we help sponsor freedom flights for these dogs and cats on airlines transporting them from their national country to the US and Canada. As of July 3, 2019, Willow’s Wish has sponsored 39 freedom flights for pets from South Korea, China, Vietnam and Egypt.

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