Friends I have a fact today that I really want you all to try and retain and rebut if you ever get the opportunity. Asian men argue that the more torture, pain and fear you inflict on the dog, the more tender the meat and the more virility it will give the consumer. Well, according to the Humane Slaughter Association as well as the Guidelines for the humane handling, transport and slaughter of livestock, this is FALSE. Scientific research has shown that warm-blooded animals feel pain and the emotion of fear. Stress can cause both of these. Stress for an animal can reduce its immune systems ability to fight diseases and in some cases will cause sudden death. The psychological changes associated with stress can affect the quality of the meat. When animals are handled and slaughtered humanely, there are low levels of lactic acid and high levels of energy left in the muscles. As such, the meat undergoes a number of reactions post mortem that results in tender, good quality meat. However, if an animal is stressed prior to slaughter, it will cause an increase in the lactic acid levels which adversely affects the muscles and meat making it dark, firm and dry – not more tender as the Asian men argue! This also allows an infection brewing in the animal to set into the meat. A likely reason that in the Philippines alone, 300 people die annually from consuming dog meat!

This is the condensed version and I could go into more detail but the goal is to get the basic concept understood and retained for furthering awareness and education. Please feel free to ask mom or I for more information if you want it.