Cambodia is a country driven by poverty and a belief that dog meat has medicinal properties (increasing a man’s virility). Until more recently (mid 90’s) eating dog has not been a popular thing in Cambodia – at least not popular in the sense that it is in countries like neighboring Vietnam, Korea and China. However it’s increased popularity seems to be related to cultural traditions coming from Vietnam and Laos. With the rising demand for dog meat, in a country where the dog population is scarce, they have resorted to stealing people’s pets – pets are easily lured because they trust and they are often vaccinated and well cared for making them worth more (in fact 3 times more) because the meat will not be infected. There are no proper slaughterhouses and as a result it is more of a backyard operation run by unskilled labor. Education and alternative solutions for wage earning must be introduce. Western ideologies need to be implemented. And the obvious, spay & neuter…if dogs aren’t reproducing, the supply is gone. Today is now but tomorrow is the future and we can make a difference.