Cat meat. I think we forget that while dogs are considered man’s best friend, cats are very close behind in that category. Cat meat is prepared from domestic cats for human consumption. Some countries eat cat meat regularly and others have only historically consumed cat meat during times of desperation. Unfortunately, China again is the leading consumer of cat meat slaughtering 4 million annually and rising. HOWEVER, please note that it is illegal in northern China and is considered unacceptable. Other countries include Korea, Vietnam, India and Japan. Of course this is not inclusive but these are the targeted locations.

Because of their size, cats are not tortured to the degree as dogs are but they are still killed inhumanely and treated no less aggressively and poorly then the dogs – crammed into cages and snatched off the streets. How do we stop this? Well we have to have a global awareness and understanding. We have to have local advocates for the animals working in collaboration with the government. And we have to educate until our paws bleed. The younger generation are the ones to change all of this.