My intent is to always keep these facts concise and focused so there will obviously be more about each of these countries but I’m starting with the basics.

Vietnam Part 1. The dog meat trade was banned during the French colonization of Vietnam until 1945 however when this ended, so did the ban. Today, the dog meat trade is a highly lucrative business in Vietnam where dog meat is more expensive then pork or chicken. The increasing demand has forced suppliers to look for dogs beyond the local villages to cities and towns throughout the country. Demand has now spread beyond the country whereby dogs are being brought in through Thailand, across Laos and into the country. This is a black market industry and facilitated by corrupt officials so there’s little question as to why activists have struggled trying to curb it. The trade is tax-free and the profit is 300-500%. Definitely more focused in the northern region and in cities such as Hanoi, the trade is present in the south as well.

My mom has tried to find a way to put a positive note in here but since this is only Part 1, she’s struggling. Thank you for reading these facts and sharing and helping to spread awareness. It’s so important to understand the extent of this trade.