Excuse me while I’m looking for cookies telling you this fact. In honor of my Grandma Nami’s birthday today, I’m going to tell you a little about Korea. Korea is the only country in the world that actually farms dogs for meat (however this is not the only source of dog meat as they also steal and slaughter stray dogs as well). The common farm raised dog breeds are Jindos and Tosas. The dogs there are being born to die. They are typically slaughtered between 8 months to one year of age because that is the time when the meat is considered the most tender. These dogs live in fear. They often never touch the ground, see sunlight or ever experience the human touch other then when they are pulled from their cage to die. Currently, Nami Kim uses sanitation laws to shut down meat farms and rescue the dogs. She is working with Congress to introduce new animal welfare laws that will help end this trade but this is a slow process in a country that consumes upwards of 3 million annually. Do not give up hope as the election is next week and Moon is in the lead!

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