Let’s talk about the Philippines. The torture, slaughter and consumption of dog meat still continues predominantly in the northern region of the Philippines (city of Baguio in the province of Benguet) to the estimated count of 500,000 annually. The positive thing here is that that number is low. It is my guess that they will be the next to follow in Taiwan’s footsteps. Having already banned the killing and selling of dogs in Manila in 1982, as well as a similar national ban in 1998(with minimal penalties – i.e. not enforced) and then the Anti-Rabies Act in 2007 with some increased penalties but still not enforced. The government’s objective is to officially amend these laws with much stricter penalties and eradicate the dog meat trade by 2020 but this will only happen with increased education and awareness and I believe, support from western countries like the US.