Friends, mom apologizes for her delay in posting my wise words! This past week has been busy with my human sister finishing her school year and I tried to type but he insistence on my fluff makes typing very difficult for me!

This is part 2 of 3 to explain the major health concerns associated with eating dogs. In part 1, we discussed Rabies but now we are going to look at the other diseases that can transmit and endanger human health. Possible infections include parasites such as E-Coli and salmonella. There is also concern that bacterial infections like anthrax, brucellosis, hepatitis and leptospirosis can be spread through dog meat to humans. The Cholera bacteria is also easily spread through the mass transporting and slaughtering of the dogs. Nearly any of these infections if left untreated can be fatal. If anyone reading my posts is going to be volunteering and going abroad to help this cause, it is imperative to get the proper vaccinations. My mom has so many vaccinations now that she’s never going to leave me!

Any of these are usually transmitted during the butchering process. The dogs are usually highly stressed and are obviously more prone to bite and scratch handlers, potentially passing on a disease. From there, the individual will infect themselves simply by touching their eyes or lips with their hands still containing the dog’s fluid. The domino effect ensues that the handler then butchers the next dog with hands still infected. All of this meat is now infected and it is passed on the consumer who also becomes ill.

These health risks should be getting so much more attention by not only activists but by the entire dog and cat meat industry. We fight to end the trade because of the torture and inhumanity but it is essential to present this argument as well if only to provide further education to eventually end the unnecessary deaths.