Dear Delilah,
You were very thin when you were rescued in July from that terrible dog farm. Since then you have put on quite a few pounds but I can understand why! How come some other dogs coming from the farms look very well nourished and aren’t as thin?

Your friend,
Big Girls Rule

Well, Big Girls Rule, this is the sad but true answer. Often on the farms we don’t get fed very much and what we do get is pretty gross. However, there are farmers who sell us to the slaughterhouses and when that happens, they feed us a lot to fatten us up because they are paid according to our weight. Sadly, my friend Santa was rescued last week and he was fattened up pretty good. He is struggling with his hips and other issues right now but with lots of exercise he’s going to be ok and will be able to fly to a loving home soon. Dogs are considered livestock in Korea and that’s why we’re farmed. We need to get dogs off of the livestock list so that things start to change. Legislation will be reviewed in February for this so keep praying for change and keep sending me letters so I can help you learn!