Today was President’s Day in the United States. Mom woke up to a post a friend had done about famous presidential dogs and she was excited to learn something the minute she woke up. So, she did some research today to share her favorite presidential dog with you. I quite like his story because it sort of reminds me of me!

Franklin D. Roosevelt’s dog Fala was probably the most popular first dog ever. He was a black Scottish Terrier who lived to be two days shy of his 12th birthday. He survived FDR by seven years and was buried near him.

Fala liked eating and shortly after moving into the White House, he was taken to the hospital for intestinal problems. Come to find out, the kitchen staff liked him and were feeding him nonstop! FDR issued an order at the point that he would be the only one to feed Fala from that point forward. Fala was featured in a documentary about the typical day in the White House. He was made an honorary private of the US Army for setting an example to those on the homefront by donating $1 every day for a year to the war effort. Fala often traveled with FDR to important events by train, car and plane – like me! And Fala’s character was used in a short series of political cartoons by cartoonist, Alan Foster (I think I’d be a great cartoon character!). FDR even referenced Fala in a speech addressing Republican leaders and their criticisms on him. He accepted their critiques but gave Fala a voice and opposed their criticisms – it was brilliant and people responded positively to this (also a bit like Mom giving me a voice!).

Fala has a statue next to FDR in Washington, DC and was the only presidential pet to receive this honor. He also has a statue in Puerto Rico and in Hyde Park, NY. His collar, dog dish and dog tags are also on display in DC as well.

What an amazing canine inspiration leader. Mom says that’s what I am but it’s a big word for a little guy I tell her. There are so many amazing dogs out there but I don’t want to be known for what I survived, I want to be remembered for what change I’ve brought. If Fala’s legacy lives on and Harley’s continues, then I strive to make the same impact! Good night friends and Happy President’s Day!