Well friends, enough festivities from the weekend’s past event, it’s time to get back on track and talking to you about the dog and cat meat trade. Mom has been so focused on the international aspect of this that I told her that maybe I need to lobby to help get the proposed legislation passed to ban this practice across all 50 States. She’s not confident that this Bill will get passed for a lot of reasons but it is still worthy of telling you about.

The Bill HR1406 was introduced to Congress on March 7, 2017 and is aimed to modify the Animal Welfare Act to include language to prohibit the slaughter of dogs and cats for human consumption. It would also ban the slaughtering of dogs and cats for meat as well as shipping, purchasing, or selling dogs to be killed for meat. The punishment would be minimal – not more than 1 year of imprisonment, a fine no more than $2,500 or both. I know there are many new comers to my page so you may not have read the previous educational posts where I talk about this, but it’s true, it is only banned in 5 States in the United States (formerly I stated 6 but I will explain why I am retracting this). Those States are California, Georgia, Michigan, New York, and Virginia. Previously I had included Hawaii however, it was inaccurate to include as the legislation to ban dog meat consumption never passed. However, it is ILLEGAL in all States for slaughterhouses to handle dogs and ILLEGAL for stores to sell the meat. Mom has researched two States in particular, Hawaii and Pennsylvania, which have documented evidence to show that they are indeed slaughtering dogs for consumption. Tomorrow I am posting a separate Words of Wisdom on this but mom just has a few more things to verify before giving me the details to share with you.

I am providing a link below if you want to find your representatives to encourage them to support and help pass this bill. We have a templated letter if anyone would like to use it please let us know and mom will post it. Mom and I believe it is imperative for the United States to ban this practice and have punishment and accountability in place if people choose to eat us and our feline friends. We cannot go into other countries in Asia and Africa and demand their accountability and tell them they must stop if our own country isn’t doing it. Mom tells me I must speak the truth and stand behind what I believe and I believe animals need us so I will use my voice through her as best I can to encourage my new country to do what’s right as well as continue my fight to help stop the torture abroad. Are you with me? I need you to help support my efforts by sharing my page and educating yourself from my posts so that you too can spread awareness. Thank you friends!

Find your representative by clicking this link and entering your zip code in the top right: