Good morning friends! Mom made a new friend yesterday. She works with Watchdog Thailand Foundation (WDT). I will assume a lot of you don’t know about this organization. They have a Facebook page but much of what they post is in Thai and the translations are usually pretty bad. WDT is a group that will collect evidence of animal cruelty, and if determined to be valid, will pursue legal action and fight for justice for the animals. They are a good organization. Sadly, Thai people are afraid to report abuse sometimes because they are worried about the repercussions if found out it was them who reported. Mom isn’t sure if they offer anonymous reporting lines, but suggested to her friend to look into that.

Now remember in Thailand, Soi Dog helped construct the first Animal Welfare Law that went into place in Thailand on December 27, 2014. Since then, there have been numerous cases brought to justice. One of the more recent is the conviction of a man in Bangkok who, after investigated by WDT, was determined to have killed 9 cats who he adopted. He was given a sentence of 4 months for each cat or 36 months in jail. Because he admitted to his crime, they reduced the sentence to 18 months. More recently on January 17, 2018, WDT reported that they are investigating the possible abuse of a Pomeranian puppy allegedly injected with a chemical substance. Isn’t this just wonderful to hear that animal welfare is becoming relevant?!

In a time where everyone is asking daily, “when is this going to end?”, Mom wanted to reiterate to everyone that change is happening even in small doses and that education and legislation are still KEY to making this happen. This is a positive step and these are facts for you to be able to share!