Friends in the past I have done multiple posts about the lack of legislation in 44 US States to ban the consumption of dogs and cats in our country. I emphasized the need for this legislation because the US must go on record as restricting this IF we have any chance of influencing other countries to stop. I told you about two pieces of legislation that had been introduced. The first was HRes401 and the other HR1406. As of last week, HR1406 was changed to be HR6720. It was changed because the language on jail time was removed and the fine increased.

As it stands now, both pieces are being presented tomorrow in Congress. HRes401 is a Simple Resolution and will only require the majority of the House’s votes. If it does, then it will be official and the US will adopt a legislative resolution urging the countries in Asia to outlaw the dog and cat meat trade and to enforce any of their existing animal cruelty laws, to prevent the international sale of leather and fur products coming from dogs and cats, and to recognize the health risks associated with eating these animals. By passing this, the US is going on record as affirming their commitment to the protection of animals and their desire to advance this protection worldwide. .

The House of Representatives will also vote on HR6720 (formerly HR1406) – To Prohibit the Slaughter of Dogs and Cats for Human Consumption and for Other Purpose in the United States. If this passes with 2/3’s of the House’s votes, then it will still need to pass through the Senate and would then be presented to the President to sign into law. This Bill would amend the federal Animal Welfare Act to establish legal standards against the slaughter, sale and consumption of those meats. It would be a law for all 50 States but would not prevent individual States from making even stronger laws within that State.

Obviously tomorrow is a very big day. Other countries look to the US as the “trend setter”. It is hoped that with this legislation in place, the other countries will take notice and will understand that we are not backing down. There is strength in numbers and we are going to win. We have a moral obligation to end the inhumane treatment of animals everywhere. This is a HUGE step in the right direction. Say your prayers tonight!