Friends, summer is here and it is the worst time for my friends. I know you all know about the Yulin Festival. But I want to re-emphasize something to you so that you can learn and educate others but with simple facts and no graphics. Yulin is horrible and barbaric BUT please remember this is a “festival” that lasts one week in Yulin, China. One week and 10,000 dogs. Every day of the year, there are 27,500 dogs tortured and consumed DAILY in China. So in the big scheme of things, is Yulin the problem? Would the dog meat trade end if Yulin was stopped? Absolutely not and not even close. Now, let’s move on to South Korea and Boknal. This is what so many people don’t realize. One half of the annual consumption of dogs in South Korea occurs during the month of Boknal. South Korea consumes approx. 3 million dogs per year so 1.5 MILLION are consumed in one month during Boknal!! I am wondering WHY is Yulin so much more recognized? Well Mom says because Yulin is what the world has been informed about day in and day out. There is even legislation proposed in the US that references Yulin. Sadly there is also a huge festival in Togo, Africa called Evala where thousands of men gather for a two week ritual of killing and gorging on dog meat. The total consumed is unknown but I am certain it equates to Yulin’s totals. No one evens brings up the dog meat consumption in Africa. Mom gets very frustrated when people don’t know the gravity of what is happening and then she remembers that you cannot get frustrated because people know what they are taught. So, she is here with me, trying to educate people. Most important for you to understand and defend is that culture and tradition are never an excuse for cruelty whether here or abroad.
We didn’t do this post to sadden everyone and to make you dislike my page. Mom and I think it is imperative that my followers have factual information so that you can pass it on. The information may not always be positive and upbeat but we can promise you that we are doing everything we can to make more and more people aware of how things must change. Anger and hate solve nothing. We will impact change through knowledge and education. And we will win this fight. When we work together towards a common goal, we can achieve anything.